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Stretching Your Athletic Program's Available Funds

Stretching Your Athletic Program's Available Funds 0

Costs to participate in youth programs, like all other costs, have been soaring over the past several years. Everyone is on a budget, including the youth sports program your child is involved in. Just like it is fiscally responsible for individuals to live within a budget, youth sports programs need to live within a budget. …
Youth Sports: Rest for Long-Term Success

Youth Sports: Rest for Long-Term Success 0

Make your kid better at sports by playing less! Kind of seems like a contradiction doesn’t it? This is the advice of renowned sports surgeon Dr. James Andrews. Dr. Andrews has seen enough. Enough of parents who think their son or daughter is the next superstar athlete and need to be pushed all year round. …
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Coaching: ATEC Sports Drills for 2017 0

With the new year we have updated pricing for the ATEC Sports product line and have some exciting products that will be a hit in 2017.  If you are interested in an ATEC Pitching Machine, but are looking for better pricing, please feel free to contact one of our ATEC customer service specialists at 800-297-0747 …

Coaching: Baseball & Softball Pitcher Safety 0

At Unique Sports, we are owned and operated by Coaches and Athletes that are active with sports in our community. Recently, it came to our attention that the Iowa High School Athletic Association announced a new pitch count policy for baseball that will go in to effect next season.   This new rule will undoubtedly make …