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Coaching: Infield & Outfield Fly Ball Drills

Infield and Outfield Fly Balls are considered “easy outs” in the game of Baseball and Softball, and that’s why completing these plays for outs is so important. Every out in Baseball and Softball is hard to come by and a single error can cost you a game. 

There’s no reason to not be prepared for Infield and Outfield Fly Balls with the simple yet effective drills that can be practiced with an ATEC Pitching Machine. ATEC Machines, such as the M1 Pitching Machine, are easy to transport and can be taken on the road to drill before away games. 

Infield Fly ball Drill

Just like any other skill, Infield Fly ball need to be practiced with as many repetitions as possible to ensure this situation does in fact become an easy out. Working with a Fungo Bat, such as our Accubat or Skybat is great but the machine provides those additional reps and the accuracy needed at the highest levels. The ATEC M1 Pitching Machine offers a variety of different fly ball options with adjustability to the speed and height of the ball and provides consistency. 

To execute the Infield Fly Ball Drill, place the ATEV M1 or other ATEC Pitching Machine behind the home plate with four players spaced evenly across the infield. Adjust the pitching machine to the desired settings for speed, distance and elevation and make changes throughout the drill to simulate different types of balls coming off the bat. ATEC Pitching Machines can work positions from centerfield to foul ball territory and work infielders for any situation they will see in a game. 

Outfield Fly Ball Drill

Once the Infield Fly ball drill is completed it’s easy to transition directly into outfield fly ball work. The cardinal rule of baseball is “keep your eye on the ball” and never is this more important than during an outfield fly ball. It’s easy for players to become casual during a fly ball, but we’ve all seen players misjudge or simply drop what should be an easy out. That’s why working on outfield fly balls with a machine and max reps is so important. 

To executer the Outfield Fly Ball Drill, move the machine from behind home base to second base with players spaced evenly in the outfield. Using the ATEC M1 Pitching Machine, adjust the height to come up with the desired distance and delivery of a fly ball. The machine can also be adjusted to work the corners, or short hops to simulate the different types of balls an outfielder will see in a game. 

The machine provides variations and repetitions that coaches using a fungo often cannot. The Infield and Outfield Drills can also be worked during batting practice while the hitters are working on bunting drills. 

For any questions on the Infield & Outfield Drills or the ATEC Pitching Machines, please feel free to call one of our baseball or softball experts at 800-297-0747. 

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