The Major League Baseball postseason is underway with several storylines to make this October of survive and advance one to remember. The Houston Astros shocked the New York Yankees last night in the American League Wild Card game with a 3-0 win to reach the ALDS. Tonight the National League Wild Card will be decided when the Cubs fans hope to once again fly the W and prove “We Are Good” against the Pittsburgh Pirates at PNC Park. The teams are still to be decided but the destination is the Fall Classic at the end of this month. The World Series will be watched by many young athletes this year who dream of playing the game at the highest level. Unique Sports is proud to help players achieve their goals and benefit from the drills to be used with equipment of our partner JUGS Sports. 

The JUGS Jr. Machine Bunting Drill

With it’s accuracy and reliability, the JUGS Jr. is an excellent way to lay down a lot of bunts in practice in a short period of time. First, set cones down each baseline 15’ out and 10’ apart to create the ideal bunt zone. The goal is to get bunts down between the two cones creating the best chance at a successful bunt. The coach or player operating the JUGS Jr. machine can indicate the direction he would like the batter to bunt, working both directions. The JUGS Jr. makes this drill possible with easy to manage pitches directly down the plate. 

The JUGS Curveball Machine Catcher’s Drill

The JUGS Curveball is excellent for offensive drills, but can also be used for equally important defensive drills. Simulate short hops, long hops and throws directly to the catcher with the Curveball machine. These throws are extremely difficult to replicate without the power and consistency of the Curveball Pitching Machine. First, set up the Curveball in the outfield around 130’ from home plate on the fastball setting and pointed at the catcher. Small adjustments to the machine can be made to replicate on the fly, short hop, long hop and other throw a catcher will see. 

The JUGS Softball Machine Fielding Drill

Simply reverse the legs and drop the chute of the JUGS Softball machine to change the set up from offensive pitching machine to top spin defensive drills. Adjusting the chute and moving the machine horizontally allows you to hit any area of the field with ground balls. The JUGS Softball Machine makes practice more efficient with several ground ball reps in a short period of time as well as different techniques such as backhand. 

The JUGS 5-Point Hitting Tee Drills

The JUGS High-Low Hitting Tee and drill is designed to replicate the pitchers attempt to get a batter off balance. The High-Low Hitting Tee gives hitters the opportunity to work on every possible pitch location. It’s often difficult for hitters to maintain proper balance with pitches high or low in the strike zone. The High-Low incorporates these pitches into the routine so hitters can train for these locations and everything in between. 

Another way to work on balance with the 5-point tee is using a beam or 2×4 for the batter to stand on ensuring the land on the beam after a swing and maintain balance.

These are just a few of the many drills and instructions our partner JUGS Sports recommend with their training equipment and we at Unique Sports feel our customers will benefit from. For any questions on the drills or JUGS equipment, please feel free to call 800-297-0747 and speak directly to one of our product specialists.

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