At Unique Sports, we not only sell sports equipment, we use it. With a mix of athletes and coaches at our company, we often find ourselves in the same position as many of our customers – shopping for the latest sports equipment that will make us better at our sports or as coaches, sometimes make our lives easier. 

When it comes to fielding practice, the use of a baseball bat can often become awkward and come up short on distance and accuracy for most coaches hitting to players. The development of the fungo bat was to fix this very problem with a coaches practice bat that featured a skinnier, lighter frame for higher accuracy and more repetitions when the ball is tossed in the air compared to the control of a regular bat. 

Unfortunately, the problem with accuracy and simply making contact with a fungo bat often persists. The solution, The Coaches Helper from Accubat Sports. 

The Accubat is not the latest or most advanced item we offer in terms of technology, but it is one of our most popular items and one that we as coaches find the most effective. The Accubat allows coaches to make the most out of a fielding practice with a sturdy fully warranted frame and though nylon netting that is held taut with specially treated bands and a non slip grip ensure that this simple solution will last for years of daily use.  

Unlike traditional fungo bats, even with very little practice or experience, almost anyone can master consistently hitting accurate fly balls to the outfield with the Accubat Coaches Helper. At an affordable price, the Accubat Coaches Helper has become as indispensable to fielding practice as pitching machines are to hitting practice. 

Most fungo bats require a skill set to hit balls where you want them but the Accubat is designed to be used by coaches, players and parents with very little effort. Simply hold the coaches helper in one hand with the glove in the other and you’re ready to catch and hit balls effectively with a player or an entire team. Deliver more hits to more players making a fielding practice more efficient than ever. The Accubat is also very versatile in that with a simple adjustment to your swing, anyone can deliver fly balls, chops or grounders. 

The Accubat comes in two models, the Accubat Coaches’ Helper and Accubat Pro. In our experience, the Accubat Coaches Helper, weighing 20 oz is great for beginners or work in the backyard or park. The Accubat Pro, weighing 26 oz, is preferred by coaches and provides a more options for hitting power. 

The SkyBat Infield/Outfield Practice Bat is another option and a great alternative to a traditional fungo bat. Built similar to a tennis racket, the SkyBat features a special string tension to ensure a combination of accuracy and durability from the product. 

Don’t waste practice time attempting to hit a traditional fungo bat when there are easier to use alternatives. Fielding practice will be as efficient as ever when you can eliminate picking up baseballs that have been sprayed all over the outfield. The Accubat and SkyBat are a great choice for improving practices and make any coaches job easier, including us. If you have any additional questions on the Accubat or Skybat, please feel free to call 800-297-0747. Make practice perfect! 

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