The bunt is a lost art in baseball and a skill that should be practiced and used by all players. With the help of a Pitching Machine, such as the new ATEC M2 Baseball Pitching Machine, coaching a player to learn to bunt becomes easier with far more efficient drills and practice.

As stated, to become a complete hitter it is essential that batters know how to bunt the ball precisely for that game situation when and where it’s needed. The following drill, used by collegiate coaches such as Tim Corbin, allows for a high volume of pitches to be delivered in a short amount of time. This ensures that batters can become comfortable with the skill of bunting and more accurate in their placement of a bunt.

The ATEC M2 Baseball Pitching Machine, new for 2015/2016, is ideal for bunting drills because it delivers a quick game-like pitch with accuracy, exactly where the coach wants to place it. Pitches can be easily altered with the ATEC M2 Pitching Machine, allowing coaches to work around the strike zone without re-setting the machine. This gives coaches the opportunity to replicate a more realistic in-game situation. Unlike live pitching from coaches or players, the volume of pitches stays constant and the velocity stays consistent to ensure as many reps as possible. The ATEC M2 Pitching Machine is an ideal supplement to effectively train players and efficiently make the most of practice time.

Simply position the ATEC M2 Baseball Pitching Machine on the mound and line the players up at home to prepare for bunting. Place cones down each baseline as targets for bunters and move the position of the cones as the drill progresses to work on accuracy.

Coaches can initiate the drill by raising one hand to place the ball into the machine. The batter should square from a hitting position into a bunting position.

Have players practice bunting to both the right and left side of the field, rotating after each bunt in order to get most possible repetitions in the drill.

Instruct bunters to get wide with their feet. Their chest should be over the front leg allowing them to get low on the ball.

Coaches should adjust the pitch placement and velocity as batters become more comfortable with the drill.

This bunting drill can easily be set up and performed in under 10 minutes and is perfect for high school skill level and up. Other ATEC Machines can also be used for similar bunting drills.

If you have any additional questions on this or any other bunting drill, as well as the ATEC M2 Baseball Pitching Machine, please feel free to contact one of our baseball experts at 800-297-0747.

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