Champro Turn-2-Trainer

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Everybody knows a pitcher's best friend is a double play! There also is no better feeling as an infielder than "turning two"! Turning a double play is not an easy thing to do. Now Champro has made the Turn-2-Trainer to get the reps in at practice so during the game you will help the pitcher out with a double play!

The Turn-2-Trainer is made with a centered pocket channel that will allow for immediate feedback if the groundball fielding technique was proper to turn a double play. The key for a double play is the quick transition from the glove to the hand for the throw or flip on the turn of the double play. The trainer helps develop this fundamental!


  • The centered pocket channel allows for immediate feedback of proper groundball receiving technique with two hands
  • Made of high impact foam for all levels of play
  • Ideal for baseball or softball training
  • Fits left or right hand

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