True Pitch Mound 202-8

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The True Pitch Mound 202-8 is the only portable pitching mound approved for Little League, Pony League, and Senior League Baseball Division game use.

The True Pitch 202-8 Pitching Mound offers exceptional durability, portability, and compliance with official standards.

Due to demand, this True Pitch mound is experiencing manufacturing and transit delays. The approximate delivery time is currently 3-4 weeks.

About the 202-8

The True Pitch 202-8 Mound has gained significant recognition in the baseball community for its remarkable combination of superior design, robust durability, and official compliance with specifications and regulations set forth by Little League®, Pony League® (ages 12-15), Babe Ruth League®, and Senior League Baseball Division:

Approved By:

  • Pony League®: Approved for official Pony League® games and meets Pony League® specifications for ages 12-15.
  • Little League®: Approved by Little League® as the only portable mound for game and tournament play.
  • Babe Ruth League®: Approved by Babe Ruth League® as the only portable mound for game and tournament play.
  • Suitable for Senior League Baseball Division diamonds with slightly crowned infield. 

 The 202-8 is a regulation-sized portable baseball pitching mound that measures  10'8" in length, 9' wide, and 8" in height. It is suitable for use on dirt, grass, or turf, and its seamless transition from flat ground to pitching surface ensures that players can maintain their stride and rhythm. 

Aside from being a reliable league-approved mound used in games and tournaments across the United States, it is also the perfect practice pitching mound. Between games, the portable nature of the True Pitch 202-8 Pitching Mound allows teams to bring their practice environment with them wherever they go. This allows players to familiarize themselves with a consistent pitching surface, reducing the impact of unfamiliar environments on their performance.

By practicing on a mound that reflects the dimensions of a game setting, players can refine their technique and build their confidence, preparing them for the challenges of an actual game.

True Pitch has engineered the 202-8 model with portability in mind. Despite its solid construction, it only weighs 220 pounds, so it is solid enough that it won't move when you don't want it to, but it is still easily taken on or off the field. It has two built-in handles that allow easy transportation and storage. Coaches find the portability invaluable for travel teams, league play, and programs that often move between locations.

The True Pitch 202-8 Pitching Mound boasts impressive durability, an essential trait for training and game equipment exposed to rigorous use. This mound is constructed from reinforced fiberglass and is designed to withstand the wear and tear of games and practice at any level of play. The covering layer of AstroTurf®, available in four colors, enhances its resistance to wear and tear, ensuring that the mound retains its structure and performance over time.

Unlike other pitching mounds that may lose their shape or integrity with repeated use, the True Pitch 202-8 remains reliable and durable. This ensures that players can consistently practice on a stable and familiar platform, contributing to improved performance over time.

It is also the ideal solution for softball and baseball programs that share the field or practice facility. This mound can convert the field from softball to baseball in minutes, and cleanup is a snap! Just hose it down after the game.

Specifications of the True Pitch Mound 202-8

  • Dimensions: 10.8'(132")L x 9'(108")W x 8"H
  • Weight: 220 pounds
  • Construction: Reinforced fiberglass base covered by AstroTurf®
  • Surface Compatibility: Grass, Dirt, and Turf
  • Warranty: 6 Years
  • Colors: Green, Copper, Tan, and Terracotta

The True Pitch 202-8 Pitching Mound offers a unique blend of precision engineering, durability, and portability designed to meet the established standards of baseball practice and gameplay for leagues nationwide. 

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