True Pitch Mound 202-6A

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The True Pitch Mound 202-6A is approved for Bambino (Babe Ruth) Ages 5-12 Division Games and Official Little League Baseball for ages 9-12.

The True Pitch 9'2" L x 6'10" W x 6" H Game Pitching Mound is made of a reinforced fiberglass base and is covered with Astroturf. All mounds come complete with regulation pitcher's rubber.

This True Pitch mound is currently experiencing manufacturing and shipping delays. Expect three to four weeks plus transit time for fulfillment.  Our apologies for the delays!

About the 202-6A

The True Pitch Mound 202-6A is a lightweight, portable, and durable pitching mound that is designed to address the needs of Little League and Babe Ruth League players, coaches, and parents. It combines quality and portability while meeting official league requirements. Measuring six inches high and catering to ages 12 and under, the True Pitch 202-6A mound incorporates the specifications set by Little League and Babe Ruth League.:

  • Approved by Little League® As The Only Portable Mound For Game And Tournament Play
  • Approved By Babe Ruth League® As The Only Portable Mound For Game And Tournament Play

Crafted with a sturdy, high-quality fiberglass shell designed to absorb impact, providing a safer and more stable platform for pitchers aged 12 and under. Encapsulated within the durable shell is high-density foam, which absorbs impact, reducing the risk of player injuries. It ensures a level playing ground, giving young players the same experience they would get in a professional setting.

The True Pitch Mound 202-6A is also beloved by coaches for its portability. It's easy to transport and store, thanks to its lightweight construction and bi-fold design. Weighing only 182 lbs., two individuals can move and reposition the mound effortlessly. Its bi-fold design collapses compactly, allowing for easy storage and transportation. This design feature makes it a perfect addition to any training session, regardless of location. Unlike many portable pitching mounds that compromise on design for portability, the True Pitch Mound 202-6A retains a full-length mound shape, ensuring the player experiences an authentic pitch.

Despite its portability, the mound remains firmly grounded during use, thanks to the anti-slip bottom. This anti-slip bottom and the turf surface combine to ensure enhanced grip. This offers improved stability during pitching, boosting players' confidence and ability to deliver high-quality pitches consistently.


  • Compliant With League Regulations: Meets official Little League and Babe Ruth League specifications.
  • Quality Construction: The high-quality fiberglass shell ensures durability and long-lasting use. The high-density foam core provides impact absorption for a safer pitching platform.
  • Lightweight and portable design: Makes transportation and storage easy and convenient. The bi-fold design allows for easy folding and unfolding for setup and storage. 
  • Stable: The anti-slip bottom offers improved stability during pitching. The turf surface ensures better grip and an authentic feel while pitching.  

The mound's turf surface enhances its grip at practice or during a game, providing an authentic feel while pitching. When used in practice, this professional-grade mound instills confidence in young pitchers by replicating the real game experience. Manufactured by the leader in portable pitching mounds, True Pitch, this mound caters specifically to Little League players, striving to mold them into better, more confident pitchers. By focusing on the unique needs of young players, the True Pitch Mound 202-6A offers a solution that transforms training sessions into a platform for sustained improvement.

It allows young players to practice with a real mound, instilling in them a sense of self-assurance that translates into better performance during games. The portability ensures players can access quality training irrespective of the location.

Features of the True Pitch Mound 202-6A

  • Size: 9'2" L x 6'10" W x 6" H
  • Material: High-quality, reinforced fiberglass shell, high-density foam core, astroturf covered
  • Weight: 182 pounds
  • Suitable Age:  This mound is approved for Little League and Bambino League (Babe Ruth), and is perfect for ages 5-12
  • Warranty: 6 Years - No warranty on turf. 
  • Cleats: This mound is suitable for use with any cleat except metal cleats.

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