Trigon Sports Spike Proof 12'x12' Home Plate Mat

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The bullpen plate area is one of the heaviest used areas on a field and it doesn't take long to tear it up. This mat will save the grounds crew a lot of work and they will love you!

Save the bullpen plate area with this bullpen home plate mat. Constructed of top-quality spike-proof turf with 36 oz. rugged 5 mm foam backing. Available in standard green turf. Comes complete with two adjustable home plates. Size: 12' x 12', Wt 135 lbs. This mat is built very durably and will last for years. Will not slide around during usage.

  • 12' x 12' mat
  • 36 oz. spike proof turf
  • Rugged 5mm foam backing
  • Weighs 135 pounds

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