Trigon Sports 10' Wide Gym Floor Covers

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Cover Material Weight/Size: 18oz 94'x10'
Color: Black
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The Gym Floor Covers By Trigon Sports International provide ultra protection for your gymnasium floors

Covers are constructed in 10' Wide sections for easy handling. Two people can lay down and roll up sections covering the entire gym floor.
Ultra-Durable, Flame-Retardant 3-Ply Fabrics reinforcing polyester mesh yarns coated evenly with PCV on both sides, so you can use either side up. Seams engineered to be as strong as the fabric itself and to lay smooth and flat. Exceeds ADA and OSHA requirements for slip-resistant surfaces. Multiple colors to choose from in 18, 22, or 27 oz material! 8-10 Year Limited Warranty!

Inquire about the additional colors available or custom sizes.

Covers can be customized with the school name, logo, sponsor, and more! Call or email for customized quotes.

Sold By the square foot. (Length x Width) **We suggest adding 6"-12" when figuring your size to allow for overlapping of each section. (For example: for a 75' x 110' flow, order 8 sections measuring 10' x 110' each.)

Features of the TSI Gym Floor Covers

  • Ultra-Durable, Flame-Retardent 3-Ply Fabrics
  • Reinforcing polyester mesh yarns coated evenly with PVC on both sides
  • Exceeds ADA & Osha requirements for slip-resistant surfaces
  • Multiple Colors in 18, 22, or 27 oz material
  • Sold by Square Foot! (Length x Width)

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