First Team BodyGuard Protective Wall Padding

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Size: 2'x5' BodyGuard w/Wood Backing
Color: Brick Red
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First Team's BodyGuard™ protective wall padding is an important element of the safety of your gymnasium, student activity center, wrestling room, or anywhere there is potential for participant injury due to wall collision.

BodyGuard™ wall padding includes 2" thick foam protection wrapped in a fire-resistant vinyl covering for durability and long-lasting appearance. The pad is mounted permanently to the wall through 7/16" thick plywood backing. A 1" lip top and bottom are provided for wall attachment. Fastening hardware is not provided.
About the Padding
This protective padding will also enhance the appearance of your facility and has the added benefit of sound deadening and noise control. The wall padding is available in 16 school colors. Choose one color or a combination of several to enhance your facility's appearance and safety.

Common applications require 8 panels (16') to protect the 12' wide free throw lane. Panels are 2' wide x 6' tall. All BodyGuard™ wall padding comes with a 1-Year Limited Warranty.

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