Sports Tutor Volleyball Tutor Silver

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Improve your volleyball skills with the Sports Tutor Silver

The Volleyball Tutor Silver brings professional-grade training to the court. Its 5-1/2 ft. release point allows for precise timing and spin control to recreate various degrees of topspin accurately serves. Its innovative design and durable construction will provide years of practice and reliability without having to rely on a coach or partner.

Sports Tutor is experiencing some delays. They are experiencing about a 5-week lead time on each order. (Flat Rate Shipping not valid)
Volleyball Tutor Silver

This volleyball tutor's non-marking casters lend it easy portability, allowing for quick setup and breakdown without the need for tools. Adjustable dial controls let players tailor their topspin and underspin levels, and the lightweight construction and caster wheels enable effortless repositioning during drills. Unlock your full potential with this invaluable training device.

Features of the Sports Tutor Volleyball Tutor Silver

  • 5 1/2' High Release Point
  • Dial Controls for desired topspin and underspin amounts
  • Large Caster for easy movement
  • Easily assembles/disassembles without tools

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