Sports Tutor Polyball Tutor Training Machine

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The Polyball Tutor is a serious training aid for serious players and will challenge hitters at all levels

The Polyball Tutor pitches baseball-size plastic poly balls you can hit with a regular bat, so the hand-eye coordination is the same as hitting baseballs. It is ideal for indoor use in gymnasiums and basements, as well as backyards.

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About The Machine

The Polyball Tutor Training Machine By Sports Tutor

The Polyball Tutor accelerates hitting improvement because with poly balls there is no fear of getting hit. Players learn to “hang-in” instead of “bail-out” against tough pitches.

With variable pitching speeds up to 60 MPH the hitter can work on their swing fundamentals while getting consistent pitches that in turn create meaningful repetitions. If you move the Polyball Tutor closer to the batter you can safely simulate speeds up to 90 MPH to hit BP at the same speeds your hitter will see in a game.

BP can be taken up a notch to allow your player to see different types of pitches that might be thrown at them by the pitcher they face. Poly Tutor's exclusive curve control lets you adjust pitches quickly. A simple turn of the dial lets you select a straight fastball, a mildly breaking slider, or a sharply breaking curveball.

Unlike other training machines on the market, you don't need to "park" the Poly Tutor somewhere due to its weight or size. This machine weighs less than 28-pounds and the tripod legs detach in seconds for easy transport. Almost any player or coach can carry it anywhere. This makes the Poly Tutor the perfect pitching trainer for travel teams, programs without access to a cage on-premises, winter training, or for the player that wants to work on their swing in the off-season at home


The Features Of The Polyball Tutor By Sports Tutor

  • Speeds up to 60 MPH
  • Simulated speeds up to 90 MPH
  • Exclusive Curve Control
  • Pitches Fastballs, Curveballs & Sliders
  • Optional Automatic Ball Feeder holds 40 balls
  • DC model lasts up to two hours per charge
  • Battery charger included Ideal for the backyard and indoor practice
  • Backed by a 3-year warranty!

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