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Serve speed measurements makes tennis matches, contests, and training more precise and exciting for both players and spectators.

The NFSC Tennis serve speed system delivers the most accurate serve speed measurements on the tennis court. This system is unique, and when properly installed virtually eliminates the cosine error, providing for the most accurate readings possible. No other fixed positioned radar unit, at any price can provide the same cosine error free accuracy as the NFSC System.

The NFSC System can be permanently installed, indoors or out to provide the tennis facility with optimum performance feedback for players and fans alike.

NFSC System II consists of two NFSC official radar units. The System II will provide accurate speed measurements from one end of the tennis court. NFSC System IV consists of four NFSC official radar units for full court coverage.

Both systems include a high bright, 8" LED display, and all the accessories needed for installation. Either 2 or 4 radar units connect to the display, which can read all inputs simultaneously. The fastest speed received will be the speed displayed.

If you are serious about offering your tennis club or facility members professional serve speed measuring equipment that will help the players and increase fan participation, the NFSC system is the most accurate, cost effective system available.

  • Programmable sensitivity and noise filter
  • Programmable minimum and maximum speed limit settings
  • Serial communication,1200 baud
  • Water resistant
  • MPH or Km/H (Miles or Kilometers per hour) speed unit indicators
  • 1 Year Limited Warranty
  • Made in the USA
Specifications for Sports Radar Tour NFSCtour-IV National Fast Serve Challenge Tour Sport Rada:
Model: NFSCtour-IV
Speed Measuring Accuracy: +/- 1 MPH
Speed Measuring Range: 10-175 MPH (16-281 Km/H)
Speed Display Units: MPH or Km/H - miles or kilometers per hour
Distance Range (Tennis): typically 40 feet
Programmable Settings: sensitivity and noise filter,minimum and maximum speed limit
Name: Sports Radar Tour NFSCtour-IV National Fast Serve Challenge Tour Sport Radar

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