Park & Sun Spectrum Precision Trainer

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Practice with Precision, Play with Power - The Park & Sun Spectrum Precision Trainer

This innovative trainer provides a personalized training experience for passing, setting, and serving. With an adjustable target hoop, catching net, and a movable target, your training sessions are bound to improve. Use the Spectrum Precision Trainer to improve bumping, passing, setting, serving, and spiking precision during training and practice sessions. Invest in your skillset and the Park & Sun Spectrum Precision Volleyball Trainer.

The Park & Sun Spectrum Precision Trainer

Imagine a volleyball training aid designed to hone your precision skills to perfection, offering personalized training on passing, setting, and serving. Manufactured by Park & Sun Sports, a brand synonymous with volleyball, this precision volleyball trainer is the epitome of durability, functionality, and innovation.

With its unique blend of advanced design and exceptional performance, this trainer is ideal for players aspiring to take their volleyball skills to the next level. Its adjustable target hoop is at the heart of the Spectrum Precision Volleyball Trainer's performance. This hoop adjusts in height, making it suitable for users of all ages and skill levels. It can go from 76" to 106" in height, allowing players to practice various shots and serves. The trainer also comes with a catching net and a moveable target, allowing you to adjust and tailor your practice according to your training needs.

Whether you're an amateur volleyball enthusiast looking to improve your serving precision, or an advanced player aiming to perfect your setting and passing, this volleyball trainer has got you covered. One of the outstanding features of the Spectrum Precision Trainer is its portability. Weighing just under 14 pounds, the trainer is easy to carry and set up. The adjustable aluminum support system ensures stability during rigorous practice sessions, while the heavy-duty nylon netting is resistant to weather conditions and rough handling.

Furthermore, the Park & Sun Spectrum Precision Volleyball Trainer is extremely easy to assemble. The parts snap together quickly, without the need for tools, making it the ideal companion for a quick setup for training sessions, picnics, or beach parties.

The Park & Sun Spectrum Precision Volleyball Trainer is the perfect blend of innovative design, sturdy construction, and excellent performance. It's a worthwhile investment for anyone serious about improving their volleyball skills. Elevate your game with precision, control, and consistency, brought to you by Park & Sun Sports. Lightweight, portable, and quick to set up - it's the perfect companion for every volleyball enthusiast. 

  • Multiple Height Settings: Lightweight aluminum support allows you to change the height of the target depending on your particular training or drill. The Center of the target hoop heights is 106”, 114”, 122”, and 130”. Use the low profile adapter to bring the target down to the low height setting of 76”.
  • Lightweight and Portable: Weighing just under 14 pounds, it's easy to transport and set up
  • Adjustable PVC Target: The 24” PVC two-piece target can be adjusted in 45-degree increments from completely horizontal to completely vertical and everything in between.
  • Steel Frame/Base: The sturdy, welded steel frame provides stability to the unit and keeps it from toppling over during use. Rubber swivel wheels attached to the base allow the unit to be moved with ease.
  • Catch Net: Easily attaches to the target using Velcro straps and catches any balls that enter the target. It’s time to get to work improving your accuracy and precision with the Spectrum Precision Trainer.

Features Of The Park & Sun Spectrum Precision Trainer

The Spectrum Precision Trainer by Park and Sun Sports is an adjustable, portable target trainer for refining sports skills. With center-of-target hoop heights from 106” to 130” plus a low-profile target adaptor that allows the target to be lowered to 76”, the trainer is ideal for bumping, passing, setting, and spiking.

Its sturdy welded steel frame with a stable base and swivel wheels for mobility improves precision in volleyball, football, soccer, and many other sports. The telescopic aluminum support and adjustable target ring angle make this trainer highly versatile. Plus, the included catch net for ball retrieval with Velcro straps helps improve training sessions.

  • Adjustable, portable target trainer
  • Center of target hoop heights: 106” – 114” – 122” – 130” plus low profile target adaptor that allows the target to be lowered to 76”
  • Training aid for bumping, passing, setting, and spiking
  • Use in volleyball, football, soccer, and many other sports
  • Improves precision in practice and training
  • Sturdy welded steel frame with a stable base and front rubber swivel wheels for moving the unit
  • Base dimensions: 44”x30”x43”
  • Telescopic, adjustable aluminum support with 24” (inside measurement)
  • Red PVC two-piece target
  • The target ring angle is also adjustable to various angles, including 45, 90, 135, and 180 degrees.
  • Includes catch net for ball retrieval that attaches to ring with Velcro straps

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