Spalding 12-Ball Capacity Scholastic Basketball Rack

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The Spalding scholastic basketball rack is a budget-friendly solution that is ideal for drills and easy storage that will fit the needs of any coach.

For coaches and athletic directors overseeing high school or college basketball programs, the efficiency and organization of your practice sessions are crucial. The Scholastic Ball Rack By Spalding is designed with your needs in mind and offers an exceptional 12-ball storage capacity, letting you maximize the flow of your drills and keep the action moving without unnecessary interruptions.

Constructed from high-grade chrome steel tubing, this rack isn't just durable—it's built to withstand the constant wear and tear typical of busy athletic programs. We understand the importance of longevity in athletic equipment, and Spalding has taken extra steps to ensure this rack will be a long-term investment for your program.

The rack features a non-topple base and reduces the risk of the cart tipping over, thus preventing potential accidents and disruptions during training or games.

Mobility is often overlooked when considering ball storage options, but not with this design. The rack is outfitted with premium swivel casters that provide remarkable ease of movement across gymnasium floors. Whether you're relocating from one end of the court to the other, or simply maneuvering around players and other equipment, these casters allow you to do so smoothly and effortlessly. This ensures that your basketballs are always within arm's reach, right when you need them for fast-paced drills or last-minute shooting practice before a big game.

This 12-ball capacity rack is more than just a storage solution—it’s a solid piece of equipment that addresses multiple needs. From its durable construction and safety features to its exceptional mobility, it's designed to make your coaching job easier and more effective, letting you focus on what truly matters: developing your players' skills and achieving team success.

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