ProMounds PVTee Batting Tee

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The PVTee was named ‘Best of Show’ at the 68th annual ABCA, the 2013 American Baseball Coaches Association Convention!


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Made from the highest-quality materials, the durable, long-lasting PVTee is designed to withstand the wear and tear of repetitive use by top players and coaches.
About the PVTee
With its patent pending design, the PVTee was lab tested with over 4,000 mis-hits showing no wear and tear.  This tee was truly; "Meant to be Hit!" The PVTee utilizes a unique magnet to allow the tee to break down in one second and be put in the equipment bag for travel.  It has a weighted base that holds the tee in place, and its flexible pivot joint allows the impact of a mis-hits to be realized in the pivot joint, not the other tee components.  The flexible pivot joint also takes the impact away from the batters hands and helps eliminates bat damage.  The flexible pivot joint will have the tee back to the upright position before you are ready to put the next ball on.  Allows for continuous training by being virtually impossible to tip over.  Height is adjustable from: 27" - 47".

Hitting tee work is one of the very first things young hitters should start working on to get their swing mechanics down.  Tee work is something that should be done each time a softball or baseball hitter takes batting practice.  The ProMounds PVTee is a revolutionary product in its design that will allow young hitters more time working on mechanics and less time picking the tee up when they hit it over.  It also is built to last, which is also important when working with young hitters as they tend to hit the tee more than the ball!  The flexible pivot joint takes the impact away from the bat as to not damage the bat on "miss-hits". 



Features of the PVTee

  • 9 lb. Weighted Base
  • Height: 27" - 47".

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