PUGG Original Four-Footer Pop Up Soccer Goals

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PUGG 4' Goals: A Pair Of PUGG Four Footers (2 Goals)
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About The Goals

The Original Four Foot PUGG Soccer Goals

Quality equipment matters to coaches and players alike. PUGG® portable goals are the most purchased, most reviewed, most shot-on pop-up soccer goals in the world. These durable goals are preferred by coaches worldwide and have become an essential tool for soccer training. PUGG’s® ease of use and portability allow coaches to setup multiple small fields in a matter of seconds.

The collapsible design makes these goals easy to take down after practice, they just fold up and easily fit in the carry bag. The unique single-piece-steel-wire construction is stronger and safer than any of the fiberglass models in the market. Fiberglass breaks and splinters easily. The PUGG steel frame is more durable and flexible and nearly impossible to break.

The Coach's Six Pack has 6 portable goals that come in 6 colors (Blue, Yellow, Green, Orange, Pink, Red), plus three carrying bags.

With the Coach's 12 Pack, you get 6 carrying bags and 12 goals (2 of each color), so you can have six color-coded small fields. “You guys are on RED. You guys go play on PURPLE.” Pegs included. Perfect for soccer camps, clubs, and leagues.

Don't fumble around setting up goals with cones and spare soccer shoes, get the PUGG pop-up goal, and you always ready to play. Great for taking to the park, the beach, or backyard play.

When you purchase PUGG Goals you are investing in the top-rated, most reviewed, most durable, coaches preferred pop-up goal in the world. And the original.

Features Of The PUGG Pop-Up Soccer Goal

  • Folds Down to a 1″ Flat Oval
  • Safe for Kids, Durable For Adults
  • Dimensions: 4W x 2.5H x 2.5D feet
  • Available as a single, 1-pair, Coach's Six Pack, Or Coach's 12 Pack
  • Weight: 4 lbs per pair
  • Anchoring pegs
  • Includes carry bag
About PUGG

An American Original

Founded in 1994, Pugg® Company is a Boston-based business built on the back of what many consider the most revolutionary equipment contribution to soccer training for youth, the highly portable and durable PUGG® pop-up-goal.

The Origin Story

Sometime in the late 20th century, a man in Boston said to himself, “Winter’s over and it’s time to play!” So he went back to the game, the pick-up game, the one played every Spring-Summer-Fall between the softball fields at Cleveland Circle. Every now and then the same argument would break out with cries of “Goal” and “No Goal”. Eventually, one side would concede but there were always doubts. Then one day after a game with several disputed goals, an idea with a picture formed itself over the man’s head. The caption under the picture read, ‘pick-up-game-goal’ and the man built the idea and branded it PUGG®. He took it to his friends at Cleveland Circle. Then he took it to the world.

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