ProMounds Premium 7' x 7' Nylon L-Screen Packages

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Style: L-Screen Frame & Net Only
Style: L-Screen Frame & Net Only

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The Premium Series L-Screen is the optimal L-Screen for baseball or softball practice


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The L-Screen is a protective screen that can be moved to any location on your baseball or softball field, ensuring your coaches and athletes are safe during batting practice or pregame warm-ups. The Premium L-Screen has a 3' x 3' cutout on a 7' x 7' frame, which offers more pitcher protection than the traditional 3.5' x 3.5'. These protective field screens are excellent for pitching and batting drill protection and will help make sure that your players remain safe. The Premium L-Screen will protect your pitcher during practice games, especially from dangerous line drives that go up the middle.

Features of the Premium Series L-Screen

  • Commercial Grade
  • Galvanized and powder coated green frame
  • #36 twisted, knotted nylon net with a rope border
  • Optional 3/4" padding
  • Optional Wheel kit

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