Champro Pro Contact Trainer Bat & Ball

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Size: 30" 22oz
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Hitting a 9 inch object thrown 90 miles per hour from 60 feet 60 inches is one of the toughest things to do in sports. Any extra help in training you can get you better take advantage of! The skinny barrel of the Pro Contact Trainer Bat helps improve accuracy of ball contact. The 30 inch bat is made of precision aluminum and comes in 12 or 22 ounces. Includes 3 plasti golf size training balls to use with the contact trainer bat.


  • The skinny barrel and extra weight builds strength and accuracy
  • Made from heavy-duty iron
  • Includes 3 plastic golf ball size training balls
  • 2 different weight options Length: 30", weight: 22 oz. or 12 oz.

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