Portolite 10-Inch Standard One-Piece Practice Mounds

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Color: Green
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This is the same great mound as Portolite's Indoor Pro Practice Mound but improved with Astroturf so you can take it outdoors too!

Portolite's NEWEST Practice Pitching Mound is perfect for batting practice, bullpens, athletic facilities, and gymnasiums. The full-body, high-performance poly protected resilient core construction gives pitchers a solid yet cushioned landing area reducing knee and ankle strain. The poly coating grips gymnasium floors without scratching. Practice mounds come with the most durable turf and are available in Clay and Green colors. Simulated rubbers last 10 times longer than industry standards.

**Portolite Mounds are experiencing shipping delays. All Baseball Pitching Mounds and Softball Pitching Mats have about a 2-3 week lead time before shipping. Our apologies for the delay!!!**

About The Mound

The Portolite 10-Inch One-Piece Practice Mound

The two-piece design facilitates moving and storage with an overlapping interlock design. At less than 50 pounds per section, it is easy to transport and since it only occupies 13"x49"x57" of storage space, it is easy to find a home for it when not in use.

The full-body construction means there is no shell, allowing the pitchers' weight to transfer directly to the floor minimizing mound sliding during pitching practice. The mound is designed not to damage or scratch the gym floor but when practicing indoors, you need to make sure both the mound and floor to be clean and dry.

The two-piece mound is manufactured with resilient polyethylene foams and simulated rubber coverings. Simulated rubber will not wear down.

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