Champro Pepper Rebound Screen

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Some people are born with quick reflexes, some weren't that lucky. Now you can work on those reflexes with the Champro Pepper Rebound Screen! This screen will rebound the ball randomly, so you have to be ready to react quickly!

One of the things athletes fail to work on is their reflexes. In almost all sports and sporting situations, the quicker the reflexes you have the better advantage you have. This rebounder is built to last and is fun to use!


  • Improves reflexes by randomly rebounding balls at the player
  • Easily adjusts to return ground balls, line-drives, and pop-up flys
  • Powder-coated 1 1/4" steel tube frame
  • Weatherized, visibility 30 ply P.E. net with 1 3/4" mesh
  • Push-pin connections and included net tension tool makes for easy set-up
  • 72" x 42"
  • Brand -Champro

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