Champro MVP Rubber Batting Tee

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There is no more important piece of equipment when learning how to hit than a batting tee. Champro has designed a very basic tee that will just get the job done and is built to last!

The Champro MVP Rubber Batting Tee is a heavy duty rubber tee with a pro-style base. It has an ultra flexible rubber top that was designed to reduce swing resistance. The height will adjust for 25 to 40 inches for youth players to adults. It has a weighted square base and weighs approximately 12 pounds.

Features of the MVP Tee:

  • Pro-style base made from heavy-duty rubber
  • Ultra-flexible rubber top reduces swing resistance
  • Height adjusts from 25" to 40"
  • Bottom tube features metal insert for increased durability
  • Weighted square base with waffle bottom for increased traction
  • Can be used as a traditional tee without flexibile cone top

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