Muhl Tech 'Zone Hitter' Swing Training Aid

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With the Zone Hitter, when you produce a correct swing, the ball spins between the horizontal pads or through the “zone”.

Muhl Tech has turned the "ol' ball on a rope" into an actual teaching station that provides immediate feedback.

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About The Zone Hitter

Common hitting faults like casting, sweeping, and pulling off the ball can be corrected quickly and the results are seen instantly!

The Zone Hitter's unique design allows you to work on hitting up the middle, pulling the ball, and hitting to the opposite field. Instantly change directions with the three-position mounting bracket or switch from right to left-handed in seconds. It makes a great aid in teaching correct contact points for different pitch locations.

Built tough to withstand high bat speeds and team practices, the ball setup, and the pads are made of polyurethane.

Stand Sold Separately

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