Muhl Tech Varsity 6'x4' Safety Screen With #60 Netting

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The Muhl Tech Varsity Safety Screen is the perfect choice if you are looking for a durable and portable screen for baseball or softball.

The 6' H x 4' W frame offers great protection for the pitcher while maintaining a manageable size for portability. Fits great in the bed of a pickup without needing to be disassembled, and is light enough in weight for a coach to handle without help.

The 1.5" powder-coated steel bolt-together frame provides the strength and stability to withstand batting practice and the UV treated #60 knotted netting has proven to protect and last for years. Lastly, gussets on each leg ensure durability and longevity.
About The Screen

The 6' x 4' Varsity Series Safety Screen By Muhl Tech 

One of the biggest drawbacks to almost all field screens and L-screens is the lack of portability. The Varsity Safety Screen is definitely the answer to that problem. The weight is light enough for any coach to handle easily, and the size makes it possible to transport in the bed of almost any truck. The heavy-duty #60 net offers the best protection on the market. Great for batting practice, short toss, and even as a field screen protector, this is an all-around great value.

  • 6' H x 4' W
  • UV treated #60 knotted net
  • 1.5" powder-coated bolt together frame
  • An added gusset on each leg ensures durability and longevity

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