Muhl Tech SwingAway 2.0 Batting Training Aid

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The SwingAway 2.0 is used by all 30 MLB teams, Pro Leagues, training facilities, college, high school, and travel programs.

The SwingAway 2.0 is the most effective and efficient batting training aid for a hitter to get maximum quality swings in the shortest amount of time. It is designed by former MLB players and coaches to develop proper swing mechanics, bat speed, power, and confidence.

Features of the SwingAway 2.0

  • SwingAway 2.0 - New and Improved
  • Heavier Duty 16 gauge powder-coated galvanized steel
  • Provides the feel of live hitting without chasing or picking up the balls
  • Excellent for players serious about improving their hitting
  • Set-up Size of the frame is 62"x24" with the highest point of 6'6"
  • Total weight is 53 LBS

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