Muhl Tech Mad Bat Offset Angled Bend Training Bat

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Size: 29" Mad Bat
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There is nothing to be mad about with this bat! This unique training aid provides real-time feedback on every swing!

The double bend in the barrel of the Mad Bat training bat aids in correcting premature wrist rolling in your hitter's swing and the 1" barrel will help improve their eye-hand coordination and focus.

The unique offset bend will force your player to keep their hands inside the ball and keeps the hands forward at the proper contact position. The Mad Bat can be used with real baseballs and softballs. No need to switch to plastic balls.
About The Mad Bat

The 'Mad Bat' Training Bat By Muhl Tech

The Mad Bat has 4 essential elements that will help improve a hitters skill:

The Grip Indicator

The unique built-in grip indicator visually lets the hitter and coach recognize "palm up-palm down" at contact. The indicator should be out front if the hands are planing through contact. It can also be used to line up the hands with the contours of the bat.

The Offset Angled Bend

The unique offset bend of the hitting surface is perfectly set to train hitters to lead with the hands and stay "inside the ball." The bend sets the hands forward at the proper contact position helping ensure hitters have a short swing path to the ball.

The Double Bend In The Barrel

The most unique aspect of the Mad Bat training bat is the double bend in the barrel. If the hitter is rolling the wrist too early in the swing, the double bend causes the hitting surface to lift. This lift may cause a swing and miss during tee drills, alerting the hitter of the hands rolling too early and not "after" contact.

The One Inch Barrel

The one-inch barrel increases the concentration level of the hitter.

This product is also extremely beneficial for those hitters that are struggling. It allows the hitter to break down their swing and see what they need to improve upon. With continued use, the hitter should not only correct their mistakes but improve their swing in every way!


  • 29" or 33"
  • Grip Indicator
  • Offset Angled Bend
  • Double Bend
  • One Inch Barrel
  • Hits Baseballs and Softballs

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