Muhl Tech AceBallz Limited Flight Training Balls

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Size: Small 5.5-Inch
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The Muhl Tech AceBallz are small, so when it is game time the regular ball will seem HUGE!

The Muhl Tech AceBallz are perfect for live warm-up before games and soft toss. Not only does the batter has to focus on squaring up the AceBallz, and swing hard on their swing in order to hit it far. This will translate into better swings for real games. The AceBallz flexible, sturdy PVC composition is resistant to tearing and UV treated. These limited flight balls last much longer than your average Wiffle balls and won't go as far. The flexible PVC design makes it a challenge to square up the ball. 

AceBallz are sold in packs of 12, and a variety pack includes 4 of each size.

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