Big Moss Michael Breed 'Lets Do This' Training Green

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The Let's Do This Training Green is a unique practice green designed by PGA National Teacher of the Year, Michael Breed.

The green is set up for both a right & left handed putting stations. The unique upgraded backstops on the "Let's Do This" Green allow for use of The String Drill. This drill allows you to align a sting above the intended path of the ball to use for guidance and reference. The string drill is a fantastic tool to use for alignment of the body and putter in the set up. As well as targeting and guiding the putting stroke itself. The string drill can be used for both straight and breaking putts.
About the Green
This package also contains tour proven drills and tips coupled directly with the Michael Breed Golf Academy. Training with Michael's putting and chipping techniques will directly affect your short game in a positive way. Improving your technique instills the confidence it takes to consistently shoot lower scores.

Features of the Let's Do This

  • 3' x 10' Training Green with 3 cups
  • 2 PVC backstops with a string kit for use with the string drill
  • Chipping Mat
  • 3 Break Pads
  • Chipping Balls
  • Manual that includes Michael's Training Tips and Drills

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