Louisville Slugger 'Ultra-Instructoswing' Trainer

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The Ultra-Instructoswing is the training tool you need for teaching and developing any hitting philosophy for your right-handed or left-handed hitter

Ultra-Instructoswing batting tees were developed to help batters of all ages, and skill levels practice and learn how to swing a bat correctly so as to produce line drives, hard ground balls, and fly balls that carry.

About The Ultra-Instructoswing

The Louisville Slugger Ultra-Instructoswing Batting Tee

It adjusts between 21" and 34" to position the ball for different ball paths when training. The angle and height adjustment features were created so the player can practice the proper swing path by choosing a downward, level, or upward path to the ball from basically any pitch height. The patented rubber-coated "good habit bars" help eliminate several hitting sins including casting the hands, extending the front arm, dropping the hands, chopping, or uppercutting, and weak hip rotation. It teaches players to hit inside, middle, and outside pitches. It can incorporate home plate to learn the different hitting areas and hitting to different fields. Players can hit balls in two different strike zones with one easy set-up.

Designed to work with all the major hitting philosophies being taught today, it is used by both major and minor league teams and is a common sight on the practice field of college, and high school programs across the country. It can also be found in countless back yards! With the "retract-a-ball" attachment there is a tee is molded to a ball that you can hit without needing a net, making it the ideal solo practice tool that is perfect for small spaces like a garage or even a basement.
Features Of The Trainer

Features Of The Ultra-Instructoswing Batting Tee

  • Promotes a short, compact swing, quicker bat speed, and proper mechanics
  • Great for developing a proper swing path to the ball
  • Adjusts between 21" and 34"
  • Adjusts easily to teach proper swing mechanics for a low strike
  • Designed to allow for any swing philosophy
  • Instant feedback to the batter on bad swings
  • Helpful for developing switch hitters
  • Angle adjustment for maximum swing angles
  • Retract-a-Ball lets the batter continually hit without chasing balls.
  • Suitable for both right & left-handed baseball & softball players
  • Use indoors or out
  • Constructed from heavy-duty steel with a rubber-coated finish
  • Flexible style batting tees
  • Diminsions: 34" x 12" x 6"
  • Weight: 26 lbs.

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