Lobster Sports Lightweight Elite Power Pack

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Get unlimited playtime with the new Lobster Elite Power Pack.

On any battery-powered Elite One, Elite Two, Elite Three, or Pickle Two, simply plugging the external power pack into an outlet allows your Lobster ball machine to run off electricity, giving you the option to use battery or electric power to run your machine.

The second option is for those who prefer a lightweight machine without an internal battery. The power pack comes with our all-electric machines, which do not include a battery and powers the machine with electricity only. In addition to weighing less, your Lobster will run all day long and you won't ever need to worry about charging.

Features of the Lobster Elite Power Pack

  • Weighs under 3 LBS
  • Lightweight, padded
  • carrying strap
  • Plugs into the charger port
  • For use with Elite One, Elite Two, Elite Three, or Pickle Two models

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