Lobster Phenom Two

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Lobster Sports' innovation continues with the release of the new Phenom 2 electric club series machine.

The Phenom 2 offers superior functionality and performance at a price unequaled in the industry. The Phenom 2 is a fully programmable machine that offers cutting edge digital technology. This proprietary technology allows you to program your own custom court drills to an incredible 18 shot locations while customizing shot elements such as speed, spin, and feed rate too. The variations for customizable shots are infinite. Create personalized court drills capable of simulating match play like never before. Anyone can transform the weak points of their game into areas of complete domination.

The Phenom 2 comes equipped with three pre-programmed court drills that simulate the most popular styles of tennis played today - grinder, all-courter, and power baseliner. In addition, the Phenom 2 is loaded with three additional drills replicating game like rallies. Master aspects of the game by practicing against; forehand plus, transition, and the attack/defend drill.

The Phenom comes standard with the revolutionary Lexan touch-button control panel with a digital LCD screen which allows you to view all menu selections and settings. For operation while "on the fly" the Phenom has an optional 20-function wireless remote control available. The state-of-the-art compact controller allows you to adjust almost every function of the machine with just a push of a button. Enjoy instantaneous changes in functionality like; play/pause, oscillation, sweep, fully random, 2-line, speed, feed, spin, and much more.

The Phenom is also equipped with the most revolutionary control panel and optional wireless remote control found today. The "Lexan" control panel utilizes "touch-buttons" instead of dials, knobs, and switches. It also has a digital LCD screen which allows you to view all menu selections and settings.

Features of the Lobster Phenom Two

  • Programmability: 12 custom drills can be saved with 6 shots each, 18 shot locations
  • Oscillation: Random Horizontal (Short, Mid, Deep); Random Vertical (Left, Middle, Right); Fully Random Horizontal & Vertical with variable Speed & Spin; Triple-Oscillation (Random Depth, fixed Speed & Spin
  • 3-Line Function: 3 Positional Settings; Narrow, Medium, & Wide (Select Short, Medium, Deep Court Locations or Random Depth)
  • Pre-programmed Court Drills: Six separate six-shot court drills; Grinder, Power Baseliner, All Courter, Approach, Attack/Defend, & Forehand Plus
  • Speed: 35 to 85 MPH
  • Ball Capacity: 250
  • Feed Rate: 2-9 seconds
  • Power: AC (battery models available)
  • Spin Control: Top; Back
  • Dimensions: 32" x 25" x 50"

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