Kwik Goal TOM (Training Opponent Mannequins)

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Size (Color): 5'4" (Blue)
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The Training Opponent Mannequin, or TOM, may be the most unique and versatile piece of training equipment offered by Kwik Goal.

TOM can be used in a variety of ways to complement both skill training and conditioning drills. The most standard use for the Training Opponent Mannequin is for free kick or corner kick training, but TOM can be used as a defender for specific goalkeeper training, for spacing drills for field players, as well as an obstacle for speed drills with or without a ball. The Training Opponent Mannequin is made in the USA.

**Sizes Available in 5'4" (Blue), 5'10" (Red) or 5'10" (Yellow).

Features of the TOM

  • 5'4" H (Blue) or 5'10" H (Red or Yellow) Training Opponent Mannequin
  • One-piece molded, high-impact plastic
  • Base includes four 4" ground spikes
  • Made in the U.S.A. from UV stabilized plastics

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