JUGS Sting-Free Dimpled Practice Balls

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Style: Baseballs - Optic Yellow
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JUGS Sting-Free dimpled practice baseballs are manufactured to the highest standards and attention to detail!

Specifically designed for use with pitching machines, these balls will prove to be the best you've ever used in your BP. The practice balls are dimpled for maximum accuracy and performance and feel like a leather ball when hit. JUGS Sting-Free Baseballs won't sting your hitters' hands as they are the same size and weight as leather balls, and they will not dent aluminum bats. There is even a 1-year guarantee!

Baseball (white or optic yellow), 11" softball, and 12" softballs are all in the Sting-Free lineup. Remember, only JUGS Practice Balls come with the JUGS name on them, and the JUGS name means everything.

Price per dozen.

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