JUGS Protector Blue Series 8'x8' Fungo Screen

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If you don't have a fungo screen your practices, are simply not as productive (or as safe) as they should be.

If you do have a fungo screen, but it isn't a JUGS Blue Protector Series Fungo Screen, you probably spent more than you should have for a screen half its equal.

A fungo screen is an investment in time and safety. Your team's practice time, and your player's safety. The 8'x8' protective screen can be positioned strategically anywhere it is needed, and players and coaches are protected while players are working on drills in the infield.

You can position the JUGS Protector screen between two stations, safely separating two players side by side while they are working on developing their skills. It can also serve as a backstop to reduce the amount of tie chasing down balls which cuts into your valuable practice time that they could be working on their fundamentals.

The Protector Blue Series was designed with your player's safety in mind. The netting is made from a polyester Dacron, using polypropylene and Dacron plastic fiber, the same rope and netting materials used in marine applications as well as for climbing ropes. It is known for its low stretch, high grip, and flexibility over its extended lifespan. JUGS used 60-ply poly-E to ensure your players will stay protected against balls from hard hits from home plate or errant throws from anywhere in the infield.

The screen's frame is crafted from cold-rolled 1020 steel that is 1.5" round, and 1.2mm thick, making it incredibly strong and durable, yet light enough to move around the field. It is covered in 1/2" thick pearl foam padding that is covered in blue vynil.
About The Screen

Features of the JUGS Protector Blue Series Fungo Screen

  • 8’H x 8'W Screen
  • 1-Year Guarantee on netting and frame
  • Black, double-thick 60 ply, Dacron poly-E netting
  • Pearl-foam, blue vinyl-covered .5-inch-thick padding
  • 1.5-inch-diameter, 1.2-mm-thick, 1020 cold-rolled steel frame tubing
  • Easily assembled—no welding or lacing. All joints are bolted for strength and longevity.

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