JUGS MVP 60MPH Combo Pitching Machine

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Specifically designed for pitching machine league games, the JUGS MVP Baseball Pitching Machine has the precision and accuracy to throw consistent strikes of up to 60MPH.

Using the JUGS MVP for your game eliminates the stress of walks and the fear of being hit by the pitch. The MVP keeps the action and momentum going while training young players to step into the batter's box with confidence.

Delivering strike after strike, the JUGS MVP is recommended for players from 8 to 12 years old. Young players can start slow and build up to higher speeds as the season progresses. The digital readout display is easy to set and maintain the players' ideal speed.

About The JUGS MVP

The JUGS MVP® Combo Baseball And Softball Pitching Machine

As good for practice as it is for games, the JUGS MVP features swivel-base casting that provides 360-degree movement for fly balls, pop-ups, and ground balls, depending on what your practice or game calls for. The MVP throws baseballs and softballs, Sting-Free balls—dimpled and seam, JUGS Lite-Flite and SOFTIE balls, the JUGS Pearl and LeatherLast and JUGS BULLDOG™ poly balls.

The MVP has special non-marking pneumatic tires and comes with an unparalleled 5-year manufacturer's guarantee. This machine makes the games a success and is like including another instructor on the practice field--and, weighing in at 56 pounds, the MVP is portable and easy to set up.

Features Of The JUGS MVP Combo

  • Non-marking pneumatic tire
  • Swivel design base with 360-degree movement
  • Precise speed delivered with digital readout display
  • Patented "always see the ball" delivery system
  • Portable and easy to move/setup
  • Includes a baseball chute with long straight legs and a 12" softball chute with short legs.

Specifications Of The JUGS MVP Combo

  • Max Pitch Speed: 60MPH
  • Pitch Type: Fastballs
  • Defensive Drills: Pop-Ups and Fly Balls
  • Display: Digital
  • Recommended Age: 8-12
  • Motor: 1/4 Horsepower
  • Power: 110V AC
  • Weight: 56 lbs
  • 5 Year Guarantee
  • Manufacturer Part Number: M1601
Pitching Machine League

The MVP Is Perfect For Pitching Machine Leagues

Have you considered starting up a JUGS Pitching Machine League™ in your community? For youngsters just starting in the game, nothing is better than the repetition of fundamental skills. Using JUGS Pitching Machines, young baseball players get to hone their swings because pitches arrive in virtually the same location each time. That makes the challenge of hitting a little easier and a lot more fun. Give your players a chance to focus on hitting, fielding, and base running by replacing strong pitching with a JUGS machine. Games played with JUGS machines are easy, safe, fast-paced, and fun!

The 4 goals of a JUGS Pitching Machine League™ Program are:
  • To create enthusiasm and fun
  • To increase the number of players participating in the game
  • To increase offensive opportunities
  • To increase defensive opportunities

Official League Rules

  1. Level A is for 5- and 6-year-olds. Level B is for 7- and 8-year-olds. Level C is for 9- and 10-year-olds.
  2. Player roster: Preferably, 12 kids per team (14 to 16 players maximum).
  3. In levels A & B, all players should be placed in the batting order. No inning is over until the last player has taken his turn at-bat. (This is a continuous batting order and remains the same for the entire game.) Option to this rule: a). In the first half of the schedule, the entire roster bats each inning. b). The second half of the schedule, 3 outs or 5 runs each inning. In level C, teams get 3 outs or 5 runs each inning for the entire schedule.
  4. In levels A and B, use four outfielders and four infielders. In level C, fielders assume standard baseball positions.
  5. In all levels, the catcher takes his normal position.
  6. There should be a 10-foot diameter circle chalked around your JUGS machine. This area is called the “free hit zone.” Any batted ball that lands in this area is dead and the hitter is awarded first base. Any batted ball that comes in contact with the machine or adult operator is dead. The hitter is awarded first base. All base runners advance one base. Players are not allowed to field the ball in this area.  A player is placed on the outside of this 10-foot circle and assumes the defensive position of a pitcher—one foot must be touching or placed on the edge of the circle. Any batted ball that hits the protective screen is dead. The hitter is awarded first base. All base runners advance one base.
  7. No one player should sit on the bench for more than one inning. All players should sit on the bench for one inning (if the number of players warrants it).
  8. Free substitution is allowed for the team in the field.
  9. Games are seven innings. There are no extra-inning games in levels A and B, so tie games are possible. In Level C, tie games can go into extra innings.
  10. Each batter gets a maximum of five pitches to put the ball in play. The batter is out after the fifth pitch. (If the fifth pitch is a foul ball, the batter is out.)
  11. Stealing is not allowed in levels A and B.
  12. Stealing is permitted in level C. Runners may leave their base once the ball touches the catcher’s glove or body.
  13. There is no “infield fly” rule for levels A and B.
  14. The “infield fly” rule is in effect for level C.
  15. There are no base-on-balls.
  16. Only one umpire is necessary. The umpire is responsible for operating the JUGS machine and umpiring the bases. No balls or strikes are called.
  17. All other standard rules of baseball apply.

The JUGS Softie® Ball is the Official Ball for JUGS® Pitching Machine League™ games.

JUGS Recommended Pitching Machine Speed Settings for League Games

1st half of schedule:
  • Level A: 31 mph at 35 feet.
  • Level B: 34 mph at 40 feet.
  • Level C: 40 mph at 46 feet.
Important Note: If your JUGS Machine is placed at the proper distance from home plate there should be no visible arch to the pitched ball.

2nd half of schedule:
  • Level A: 34 mph at 35 feet.
  • Level B: 38 mph at 40 feet.
  • Level C: 43 mph at 46 feet.
Attention Coaches: Do not let players on or around the JUGS machine during operation. Players should never enter the “free hit zone” around the machine. An adult feeding the machine should always be ready to restrict the entry of players into the “free hit zone,” especially in the event of an infield fly ball or pop-up. The protective screen is to be used at all times. You must read all instructions and warnings before operating any JUGS machine.

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