JUGS Hitting Stick (Stick or Package)

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This 30-inch, 16 ounce bat, is specifically designed to be used with the JUGS Small Ball.

Hitting Stick is designed to increase the hitter's mental concentration by hitting a ball with a small bat.  This will help develop hitter's hand-eye coordination and help them develop quick hands, which are critical skills in becoming a good hitter.  This hitting stick cannot be used with official weight baseballs and softballs.

Focus small and hit big with this Jugs® Hitting Stick™ package! The package includes 8 Small-Balls® and a Hitting Stick. Great practice aid to work on your hand-eye coordination.
Hitting Stick

JUGS Hitting Stick Only

  • 30 inch. 16 oz. bat
  • Increase mental concentration by hitting a ball with a small bat
  • Improve your bat speed
  • Designed to be used with the JUGS Small-Ball
  • Can also be used with JUGS Lite Flite balls, Bulldog Polyballs and tennis balls

JUGS Hitting Stick Package

  • 8 Small-Balls
  • 1 Hitting Stick
  • Free Drill Book

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