JUGS Carousel Automatic Baseball And Softball Ball Feeder

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Carousel Feeder: For All Softball Machines Except 2 Wheel Combo and BP3 Softball
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Hitting on your own has never been easier with the JUGS Carousel Ball Feeder

The JUGS Carousel Feeder is the perfect addition to any pitching machine - softball or baseball. Hitting on your own has never been easier. This durable, automatic ball feeder holds 36 baseballs or 18 softballs. There is a 6-second delay in between pitches.

When using an automatic feeder, a protective screen must be used to protect the feeder and pitching machine from batted balls.

Features of the JUGS Carousel Ball Feeder

  • Holds 36 Baseballs or 18 Softballs
  • 6-second delay between pitches
  • Heavy-duty steel and Lexan construction
  • Works with in-line Feeder Remote Switch (sold separately)
  • Cannot be used for Slow-Pitch Softball

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