ProMounds Jennie Finch Softball Pitching Mat with Powerline

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Jennie Finch Softball Pitching Mats come with a regulation pitching rubber attached.

Our no slip technology guarantees your mat will not slip when you pitch. Before you buy any mat, make sure it won't slip! Each softball mat comes with a convenient carrying case. Our Powerline softball pitching mats have a 2" inlaid white line for more precise training for pitchers of all ages.  Non-skid, rubberized backing makes this the perfect pitching mat for any environment. Jennie Finch pitching mats can be easily rolled up and stored if needed.
About the Mat
  • Softball mat has a no-slip backing, guaranteed not to move on gym floors.
  • Finch mats include a inlaid white line to aid in more precise softball pitcher's training.
  • Helps your softball pitchers comply with NCAA regulations
  • Regulation pitching rubber will not detach from mat.
  • Great softball pitcher's practice tool for any age players.
  • Jennie Finch mat is designed with a  6" barrier of white turf on both sides of the pitcher's rubber.
  • Mat includes extra space behind pitching rubber to help the softball pitcher maintain a consistent surface
  • Healthy for players - Softball pitcher's always land on a consistent surface which reduces wear on the body. 
  • All Finch softball mats are easy to store
  • Portable with included carrying case.

Features of the Mat

  • Dimensions: 3' x 10'
  • 24lbs

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