Champro Hot Spot Bamboo Training Bat

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Hitting a 90 MPH pitch from 60 feet 6 inches is a very difficult thing to do! Not just hitting the ball, but you have to hit the ball squarely so it isn't just a ground out or pop out. The pitcher definitely has the advantage as most hitters will fail at least 70 percent of the time. The hitter needs to find every hitting training aid they can find to help shift back the odds!

Champro has developed the Bamboo Training Bat to teach consistent hits on the sweetspot of the bat. They are trying to get some of the advantage to shift back to the hitter. The sweetspot is the part of the barrel that will produce the maximum exit velocity of the ball off of the bat.

Features of the bat

  • Teaches consistent hits to the sweetspot
  • Improves batter power, speed and contact rate
  • 2 5/8" diameter bamboo barrel. 32" bat length
  • Tacky grip handle for realistic feel
  • Includes training drills

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