Heater Sports Slider Machine with Ball Feeder & Power Alley Cage

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Lite-Ball Pitching Machine with Bonus Auto-Ball & 22’ x 12’ x 8’ Home Batting Cage from Heater Sports™

The Slider Lite-Ball Pitching Machine from Trend Sports pitches fastballs, inside breaking balls, and outside breaking balls.

Take hit after hit without the hassle of chasing down every ball and watch your batting average soar with your own home batting cage. 

You can now have a batting cage and pitching machine in your backyard at an affordable price!
About the Slider Machine Package
The Slider Lite 360 Baseball Pitching Machine from Heater Sports pitches fastballs, sliders, and curves with a simple swivel twist of the pitch head. This unique feature allows for all ages and skill levels to perfect their hitting at home or at the ball field.

The Slider includes a variable speed adjustment knob so you can easily control the pitch speed for a beginning skill level through advanced, eliminating the need to use multiple balls for different speeds.

In addition to pitching, the Slider 360 is a fielding machine perfect for grounders, line-drives and pop flies up to 200 feet. So whether you're a catcher, infielder, or outfielder, the Slider 360 will help perfect your hand-eye coordination and fielding techniques.

The Slider 360 pitches lite-baseballs (balls half the weight of a regulation baseball) up to 40 MPH (Power Alley 40 MPH Orange Lite Baseballs), 55 MPH (Slider Leather Lite Baseballs), 60 MPH (Power Alley 60 MPH White Baseballs), and 80 MPH (Power Alley 80 MPH Green Baseballs) at 46 feet from the batter. You can increase or decrease the speed by ball, speed control setting, or by simply moving the machine closer or further from the batter. REAL BASEBALLS ARE NOT RECOMMENDED FOR USE IN THIS MACHINE. USING REAL BASEBALLS CAN VOID THE MANUFACTURER WARRANTY.

The Slider includes a fully enclosed tire so it's extremely safe for all ages and its powerful A/C motor provides long life and durability to this unique machine. To use, simply attach the provided A/C plug into any regular 110V wall outlet or look for a portable power pack. The Slider 360 requires at least 200 watts and 10 amps to run for a full hour.

Finally, the Slider's Automatic 12 ball feeder allows the machine to automatically feed a ball every 8 seconds; eliminating the need for someone to pitch. This maximizes your potential by allowing you to see 12 pitches in about a minute and a half. Hit well over 100 pitches in less than 20 minutes and watch your game explode!

Backed by Heater Sports 1 year warranty, you'll have the peace of mind of using the Slider 360 to perfect your game while having fun and being safe.

Paired with patent No. US 8,172,703 B2 & US 8,496,545 B2 Power Alley Batting Cage, the most affordable and revolutionary batting cage ever developed for improving your hitting at home.

Most hitters spend 68% of their hitting time searching for a place to hit and chasing the balls in the outfield once they do. And that's not all, studies also show that most hitters rarely hit more than 50 pitches in any given hitting session. With the PowerAlley Home Batting Cage you spend 94% of your time hitting the ball and can hit over 250 pitches in the same amount of hitting time.

Take hit after hit without the hassle of chasing down every ball and watch your batting average soar with your own home batting cage.

Built for ease-of-use and durability the PowerAlley sets-up in minutes. The unique fiberglass pole design, strong 1 1/4" netting, and steel ground stakes provide unusual strength and support along with the flexibility to withstand the elements.

The Power Alley is adjustable in size. If 22 feet is too long, simply move the stakes closer to suit your needs. So not only is it the most affordable real ball cage on the market, it's also the most customizable.
  • Model #: SL359
  • Pitches Lite Balls Up To 80 MPH at 46 Feet
  • Throws Fastballs, Sliders, & Curveballs with Swivel Head Design
  • Pitch Height Adjustment for Grounders & Fly Balls
  • 22'L x 12'W x 8'H Cage
  • 1 1/4" Polyester net
  • 1/2" Fiberglass Rod Construction
Slider Lite-Ball Pitching Machine

Features of the Slider Lite-Ball Pitching Machine

  • Pivot Head Design
  • Variable Speed Control
  • Speed: Lite Balls Up To 80 MPH at 46 Feet
  • Pitches Thrown: Fastballs, Sliders, & Curveballs with Swivel Head Design
  • Fully Enclosed Wheel
  • Adjustable Pitch Height
  • 12 Ball Automatic Feeder - Pitches every 9 seconds
  • Tubular Steel Legs with Rubber Tips
  • Uses Standard A/C Power
PowerAlley Home Batting Cage

Features of the PowerAlley Home Batting Cage

  • Solid Fiberglass Frame
  • 1 1/4" Polyester Netting (22'L x 12'W x 8'H)
  • Steel Ground Stakes And Nylon Support Ropes
  • Built-In Pitching Machine Harness
  • Works Perfectly with Heater Sports Pitching Machines

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