Heater Sports PowerAlley Lite Curve & PowerAlley Cage

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The PowerAlley Lite-Curve Pitching Machine and the PowerAlley 22’ x 12’ x 8’ Real Ball Home Batting Cage makes a perfect combination to maximize your hitting skills right at home.
The PowerAlley Lite-Ball Pitching Machine from Heater Sports pitches fastballs, grounders, and fly balls. The powerful A/C motor throws soft lite-balls at 40 miles per hour and lite-balls at 60 miles per hour. With a fully enclosed wheel the PowerAlley is not only the least expensive curveball pitching machine on the market but it is also the safest. Plug the PowerAlley into any standard wall outlet for hours of hitting practice.


• Pitches Fastballs, Curveballs, Grounders, & Fly Balls
• Pitches Soft Lite Baseballs Up To 40 MPH 
• Pitches Hard Lite Baseballs Up To 60 MPH 
• Fully Enclosed Wheel 
• Adjustable Pitch Height 
• Tripod with Rubber Tips 
• Uses Standard A/C Power 
• Solid Fiberglass Frame 
• 1” Polyethylene Netting 
• Steel Ground Stakes and Nylon Support Ropes 
• Built-in Pitching Machine Harness

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