Heater Sports Perfect Swing Home Driving Range

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Perfect your swing and improve your golf game right now in the convenience of your backyard with the Heater Perfect Swing Home Driving Range.

Why go to the golf course driving range when you can practice right in the comforts of your own backyard? The Perfect Swing Home Driving Range is an efficient way to get those practice swings in without having to travel very far.

Features of the Perfect Swing Home Driving Range

  • 7/8" Tubular Steel Frame with Angle Design - Angled design deflects golf balls away from golfer for safe play.
  • 7.5' x 9' All Weather Catch Net - Provides a durable catching area for golf balls hit at full velocity
  • Golf Ball Loader & Shag Bag - continually feeds golf balls into the Teeing Machine. Eliminates bending over to shag golf balls.
  • Golf Ball Teeing Machine - Continually tees each golf ball saving time and unnecessary effort.
  • Power Stroke Driving Mat - Heavy Duty simulated grass mat provides the feel and protection of hitting off real grass
  • Model #HDR9999

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