Heater Sports Crusher Curve & HomeRun 12' Cage

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Heater has combined the Crusher Curve and HomeRun Lite-Ball Batting Cage together into a package so your hitter can work on their fundamentals and you can save money!

The Heater HomeRun Lite-Ball Batting Cage is the most affordable revolutionary batting cage on the market!  You can take hit after hit in this cage and not ever have to chase a ball again.

Heater Crusher Curve is a top of the line variable speed mini lite ball pitching machine.  This machine comes with powerful dual motors that will throw mini lite balls with amazing accuracy.
About the Package
This affordable 12' x 12' x 10' backyard batting cage by Heater Sports is designed for use with lite ball pitching machines.  It is also great for hitting off a tee,  soft toss hitting, and practicing golf.  The Heater HomeRun Lite-Ball Batting Cage comes with a DuraFlex frame made of strong yet flexible fiberglass poles, allowing the cage to flex in the wind without bending or breaking.  It also features a  is 3/4 –inch poly net, 6” steel power-stakes for maximum support, and a 12” x 12” opening for the pitch to come in.  With just a little room in your backyard you can become a better hitter!

Like all Heater Sports products, the HomeRun batting cage comes with a 30-day money-back satisfaction guarantee and is backed by Heater's 1-year parts and labor warranty and it will set up in minutes! The Heater Crusher Curve will simulate speeds up to 45 MPH from 18’ and will throw curveballs as well.  The 24 ball capacity bucket style auto feeder and dual variable speed motors will throw those curveballs or fastballs with amazing accuracy every 9 seconds.  You can plug the Heater Crusher Curve into any standard wall outlet of it also has a built in battery compartment that has two 4 hour battery (sold separately).  This machine is very light weight at 10.6 lbs. and portable so use it indoors, outdoors, or even your basement! 

Heater is so convinced you will love this machine they offer a 30 days money back guarantee, plus it is covered by a 1 year parts and labor manufacturer’s warranty.  It you can hit the Heater Crusher Curve mini lite balls, imagine what you will be able to do in the game!

Features of the Crusher Curve Machine & HomeRun 12' Cage

  • Dual variable speed motors capable of throwing 45 MPH at 18’
  • Light weight and portable at 10.6 lbs.
  • Throws curveballs and fastballs
  • A/C or battery operated options
  • Legs are adjustable to adjust pitch height
  • Easy assembly and easy taking down for storage
  • 30 day money back guarantee and 1 year warranty
  • Rugged composite for protection from motors

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