Heater Sports BaseHit & PowerAlley 22' Cage

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Now it is possible to own your own batting cage and pitching machine in your backyard for the younger player!

Heater has built a line of revolutionary affordable cages that you will surely be able to find the right one for you!  You can take hit after hit in The Heater PowerAlley Real Ball Batting Cage and not ever have to chase a ball again. 
About The Package

Heater BaseHit & PowerAlley 22' Cage By Trend Sports

This affordable 20' x 12' x 10' backyard batting cage by Heater is designed for use with any of Heater's real ball pitching machines.  It is also great for hitting off a tee, soft toss hitting, and practicing golf.  The Heater PowerAlley Real Ball Batting Cage comes with a DuraFlex frame made of strong yet flexible fiberglass poles, allowing the cage to flex in the wind without bending or breaking.  It also features a  1 1/4 –inch poly net, 6” steel power-stakes for maximum support, and a 12” x 12” opening for the pitch to come in.  With the Heater PowerAlley Real Ball Batting Cage, you can now afford a real ball batting cage at a reasonable price!

Like all Heater Sports products, the Heater PowerAlley Real Ball Batting Cage comes with a 30-day money-back satisfaction guarantee and is backed by Heater's 1-year parts and labor warranty and it will set up in minutes!

If you are looking for a pitching machine that throws real balls and is at an affordable price, the Heater line from Trend Sports has the machine for you!  The Heater BaseHit Pitching Machine is the lowest priced real ball pitching machine on the market.  The Heater BaseHit Pitching Machine throws consistent strikes at top speeds of 45 MPH from 46’ so your player can confidently step into the batters’ box and start swinging.  The Heater BaseHit Pitching Machine with its easy lock height adjustment knob can change pitch angles, or be adjusted to help your fielding by simulating pop-ups, fly balls, and ground balls.  The Heater BaseHit Pitching Machine is very light-weight at only 25 pounds making it portable for use in your backyard or to take to practice.

This machine is powered by one 1/8 horsepower motor that is fully enclosed in a rugged plastic composite and can be run by either plugging into any standard outlet or it comes with an optional battery pack. This pitching machine is also compatible with an automatic ball feeder for one-person use. The Heater BaseHit Pitching Machine is widely used in backyard batting cages. The Heater BaseHit Pitching Machine has a 1-year warranty.  For youngsters just starting out in the game, nothing is better than a repetition of fundamental skills.  The Heater BaseHit Pitching Machine is an affordable pitching machine that accurately pitches balls up to 45 MPH to allow your youngster to focus on their game.
PowerAlley 22' Cage

Features of the PowerAlley 22' Batting Cage

  • Recommended for ages 8-Adult
  • 20’ L x 12’ W x 10’ H
  • Netting is 1 1/4 inch poly
  • For use with any baseball or softball that weighs less than a 12” softball
  • 6” ground stakes to secure system
  • 12” x 12” opening for pitch
  • Any Heater real ball pitching machine is compatible with this cage
BaseHit Pitching Machine

Features of the BaseHit Pitching Machine

  • Weighs 25 lbs
  • Fully enclosed pitching machine for optimal safety
  • Speed up to 45 MPH at distances of 46’
  • 12 ball auto feeder included
  • Recommended Age: 8-12
  • Easy lock adjustment knob to adjust for fly-balls or ground balls
  • 110 volt AC or optional battery pack available
  • (1) 1/8 horsepower motor
  • 1 Year Warranty

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