Gill Athletics NFHS, NCAA, and IAAF Cast Iron Shots

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These Iron Shots Meets All NFHS, NCAA, and IAAF Specifications

The Champro Cast Iron Shot Put has a textured surface that is a natural feature of cast iron. Due to its economic price and durability cast iron is a favorite of high school track and field programs for use in practices and meets.

They are not ideal shot puts for using in gravel pits as cast Iron will slowly chip away over time. You might want to consider either a turned iron or turned steel shot put if you will be throwing on any kind of stone surface

Features Of The Champro Cast Iron Shot Put

  • 4k and 12lb guaranteed legal weight and size.
  • Available In Weights: 6lbs, 3K, 8lbs, 4K, 10lbs, 5K, 12lbs, 6K, 14lbs, 15lbs, 16lbs, 17lbs, 18lbs or 20lb
  • Meets NFHS, NCAA, and IAAF Specifications

What Size Shot Put Do You Need?

  • Special Olympics: 3lbs
  • Boys Up To 12 Years Old: 6lbs
  • Women youth through junior high: 6lbs
  • Boys Age 13 And 14 Years Old: 8lbs
  • Womens High School: 8lbs
  • Women 50+: 8lbs
  • Mens High School:12lbs
  • Men Between The Ages of 50 and 59:13lbs
  • Mens College:16lbs
  • Men Up To 49: 16lbs
About Gill Athletics

The Story Behind Gill Athletics

Harry Gill, an unknown athlete, became an overnight sensation when he won the American All-Around Championship in 1900. Impressively, this was Gill’s first-ever All-Around competition and his competitors became spectators as his performance led to a record-setting score. Gill collected many medals and set world-class marks in 5 events, but more importantly, he acquired invaluable insight that fueled his next endeavor.

  In 1904, Gill began his legendary coaching career at the University of Illinois. There he established a coaching career so successful it was without equal and his reputation in the track and field world was unimpeachable. Gill authored the book, Track and Field Athletics: For Coach and Contestant that for years served as the sport's standard coaching manual. In this book, he wrote “a great deal of care should be taken in selecting the equipment used by track and field athletes. Their performance depends on the implements they have in which and with which to compete - and good equipment helps considerably in making the best performances.”

  Unsatisfied with the quality of track equipment available, it was in 1918 that he crafted the first piece of his own track equipment, the ash javelin.  In four short years, the company bearing his name was the first to manufacture a complete line of track and field equipment.  The most enduring of all of Gill’s accomplishments is his line of track and field equipment. Gill’s company is responsible for a long list of innovative equipment that has been instrumental in elevating the sport and performance of track athletes worldwide.

  100 years later Gill has never wavered from Coach Gill’s vision and considers it a great honor to be stewards of his legacy.  

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