First Team 'Sand Stellar' Series Of Outdoor Net Systems

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  • Same system as Stellar Complete except includes FT5035 sleeves for sand instead of floor sockets.

First Team's Stellar aluminum volleyball posts provide the flexibility and performance needed for today's demanding volleyball indoors or out!  The Stellar is manufactured from heavy wall 3 ½" OD aluminum tubing yet is lightweight and easy to setup.  The wormgear crank net tensioner will not backdrive and is the same tensioner used in on our elite level volleyball units.  Net height is easily adjusted anywhere from 96" down to 42" for all levels of competition volleyball play as well as tennis, badminton, pickleball and other net games.  An easy to read net height indicator label is located on each post.  To adjust the net simply loosen the securing knob on each net collar and slide net up or down, twist knob tight to secure.Stellar volleyball posts fit perfectly into any existing 3 ½" floor sockets.  If your existing floor sockets are 4" diameter, First Team will provide floor socket adapters free of charge upon request.  A variety of Stellar packages are available to suit your needs and budget.  Select from complete packages including floor sockets, post pads, antennas, and net rope covers.  Or pick the package that includes only those features you require.  Post pads are available in 16 colors and lettering is included with the purchase of any Stellar package that includes padding!Stellar units meet all NCAA, USVBA and National High School Federation rules.  So, when you're searching for a volleyball post system that can meet your demands top to bottom, don't settle for less than the full Stellar!


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