First Team Block-Aid Rebound Teaching Tool

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Games are won or lost not only by what goes in the hoop but who comes away with what does not.

As a coach, you need to make sure your practice is as efficient as possible. This simple rebounding aid creates realistic missed shots every time so time is not wasted. The ball rebounds off naturally in all directions, so there is nothing predictable about where the ball will come off of the rim, just like in a game.

When you only get a limited time each week with the players why not make it as effective as possible! Get the most out of your practice sessions by NOT making shots.

The Block-Aid requires no tools or ladders to install. Simply toss it into place and when the practice is over, pop it off the rim with a broom handle and set it free. The Block-Aid is molded of lightweight urethane and will not damage floors or injure players.

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