Champro CPX Series Fielders Training Glove

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Throwing Hand: Right
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Every infielder needs to have soft hands to play the position, especially middle infielders!

So what does it mean that a player needs "soft hands" to play the infield? It means they need to field the ball with your hands moving back towards your body and up just as the ball gets to you. This will allow the ball to stay in your glove, versus if you have "brick" hands the ball will pop or eject out of the glove.
About The Glove

About The Champro CPX Fielders Training Glove

The CPX Series Fielders Training Glove will teach a player how to do this as they won't be able to field the ball with this glove unless they have "soft hands".  This is a must-have training tool, especially for your middle infielders!

  • All cowhide leather construction
  • Adjustable wrist with hook and loop fastener
  • Designed to help fielders learn fielding fundamentals

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