Cimarron Sports Ultimate Golf Simulator Net Package

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This is the Ultimate At-Home Golf Simulator Net Package. This comes with everything* you need to build the ultimate at-home Golf Simulator.

*Simulator Software & Projector Not Included

The Kit Includes:

  • 1x The 'Masters' Series Of Golf Practice Cages By Cimarron w/ Corner Kit
  • 1x Range Tray With 144 Golf Ball Capacity By Cimarron
  • 1x The 'Ultimate' 4-Foot x 6-Foot Golf Turf Mat By Cimarron
Masters Golf Nets
The Masters Series Of Golf Practice Cages By Cimarron w/ Corner Kit
This is the perfect practice cage to hone your shot right in your own backyard, garage, game room, or basement.
The Masters' cages feature 1 1/4” steel corners and a net constructed of dense 7/8 braided, knotless poly that has been UV treated for maximum outdoor protection. The baffle has been constructed with heavy-duty archery netting and is hung separately to prevent the net from wearing down.

The cage creates a secure playing environment and stops all stray balls that do not hit the baffle net. The cage comes with a golf net target featuring a high visibility white stripe that gives you something to aim at, rather than just taking swing after swing with no idea if you are putting the ball where you want it or not.

The Masters is available in two sizes. The Cimarron 10x10x10 Masters cage is 10' deep, and the 20’x10’x10’ cage is 20’ deep. Both sized nets are enclosed on three sides and at the top. You have various options to choose from, including a complete net and frame package to DIY Kits to assemble your own cage. There are even practice packages that bundle the Masters' cage with some of the best golf mats you will find anywhere.

The DIY Net And Corner Kit includes everything you need to build your Master's cage except for the poles. Purchasing just the Cimarron Frame Corners and the net will save you money on shipping when you source your poles from a local store like Home Depot or Lowes

Range Tray With 144 Golf Ball Capacity By Cimarron

Cimarron's commercial-quality golf ball tray holds up to 144 golf balls
These trays measure 28" x 16" x 4" and are manufactured to the highest specifications including a UV-inhibited polymer that resists cracking and fading and a lip that slips under your mat so it doesn't move or slip.
The perfect complement to your practice cage, golf net, or hitting mat!

10' x 10' Impact Projection Screen

Commercial 100% Polyester Screen with a long life
Can be used as an Impact Screen, Movie Projection Screen or as a Baffle Net
5 grommets across the top and 1 grommet in each of the bottom corners
Simulator Software sold separately

The 'Ultimate' 4-Foot x 6-Foot Golf Turf Mat By Cimarron

While practicing your golf swing at a driving range can help improve accuracy and power, the ability to perform a great hit on various course conditions is likely not the strong suit of most. Previously the only way to practice your swing in the rough or fairway was only possible by spending time on an actual golf course. However, with new technology, you can practice your swing on 3 separate course conditions to improve your overall skill as a golfer.

For golfers that are looking to improve their golf swing in different course scenarios, Cimarron Sports proudly offers the Cimarron 4'x6' Ultimate Golf Mat. This groundbreaking training aid provides golfers 3 distinct course conditions including high-density tee turf, nylon fairway turf, and semi-rough turf that includes a convenient nylon turf stance area. When paired with golf netting, this creates the optimal indoor practice setting year-round.

The Cimarron 4'x6' Ultimate Golf Mat is a combination mat that allows you to practice every type of shot. The Ultimate Mat is revolutionary because it combines three different types of turf allowing you to practice different lies with different clubs. The unique construction of the Cimarron 4'x6' Ultimate Golf Mat also allows the use of a real wooden tee for drives and includes one rubber tee. The Cimarron 4'x6' Ultimate Golf Mat is the perfect solution for golfers that want to practice their swing on various turfs while using different clubs through the use of one convenient mat.

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